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"Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness."
Theodore Zeldin


Come and taste in our restaurants with shelves of gourmet food "A l'Epicerie", where Michelin-starred chef Julien ALLANO sometimes shares his culinary expertise, much to our delight.

Julien ALLANO is the ambassador of our "A l'Epicerie" brand.

He collaborates from time to time with our resident chefs, taking part in events with them and putting his signature on the "A l'Epicerie" Chantilly menu twice a year. A menu specially designed for culinary exchange and travel. A variety of delicious little dishes to share, which more and more of you are enjoying!

A l'Epicerie" resident chefs admire Julien ALLANO's expertise and friendlinessThey like to talk to each other. These chefs are passionate about continuous learning, whether it's through exchanges with each other, with Julien ALLANO, or through training courses. They attend training courses three times a year at the Ecole des Chefs to master the seasonal "A l'Epicerie" menu and then express their creativity.

Over the years, they have added their own terroir and cheese dishes to the repertoire of seasonal recipes served in our various establishments.

To find our recipes for "A l'Epicerie" local dishes and cheeses and prepare them at home, visit our Recipes page. Don't hesitate to contact us if you fancy a particular recipe.We'll be delighted to put it online. The artisanal French ingredients used in our various recipes are displayed on the gourmet shelves of each of our addresses once they have been renovated.


Our authentic, gourmet cuisine


We're sharing our "A l'Epicerie" recipes for local produce and cheeses so that you too can surprise and delight your friends and family with a tasty meal! 

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Head Ambassador, Resident Heads

Chief Ambassador

Julien Allano

As a Michelin-starred chef from 2007 to 2012 and from 2015 to 2022, Julien Allano's passion for authentic, eco-friendly cuisine has never wavered. As an experienced culinary consultant, he has proven expertise in this field.

Chief Residents

On the "A l'Epicerie" menu, our resident chefs concoct salads, soups, tarts and vegetarian dishes every day, revisiting classic French dishes. They also demonstrate their creativity with original dishes and tempting offers of local produce and cheeses, for gourmets in search of XXL flavours: cromesquis, tiramisu, tarte tatin, feta croustini, roast veal cooked for 7 hours, rillons risotto, grilled duck fillet, roasted homemade brioche, white chocolate mi-cuit, croustillant. On Sundays, some of our restaurants offer a delectable brunch.

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