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the "A l'Epicerie" resort card

Fans of good food, of colourful, tasty and comforting dishes with a touch of balance,

At lunchtime, immerse yourself in the gourmet world of our "A l'Epicerie" resort, Chantilly style: the Buffet Gourmand or l'Express à table are at your service.

Gourmet buffet buffet: starters, a creative main course and desserts. Let yourself be tempted by the buffet starters and desserts. Let our team treat you to one of three dishes of the day to choose from: fish, meat or vegetarian. Gourmets can even round off their meal with a plate of mature delights from the "Cloche à fromages" for a small extra charge.

For those in a hurry, choose l'Express à table : l'Express café with the dish of the day (fish, meat or vegetarian) and a gourmet coffee, or l'Express fromage with a delicious cheese instead of coffee.

Here's a sneak preview to whet your appetite Cucumber with fromage frais, tomato and basil, Vegetarian chilli, Sicilian salad, Gaspacho, Roast veal with mushroom rice, Fillet of perch with mushroom rice, Gratin of vegetables with tomato delight, Pear tart, Orange crème brûlée, Chantilly cream and garnishes, Fruit salad with herbs and spices.

For dinner at "A l'Epicerie" resortChantilly style, discover the delights of Petits Plats à picorer, the Gourmet Menuor the divine raclette from La Cloche à Fromages or its cheese platters for a real taste journey through the mountain pastures and terroirs of our beautiful France.

Petits Plats à picorer starters, dish of the day (fish or seafood) half-lobster with supplement(meat or vegetarian), mature cheeses to die for and mouth-watering desserts.

Gourmet menu You'll have to come back to try them all, as our culinary treasures vary from day to day and from season to season. You'll have to come back again and again to try them all, as our culinary treasures vary with the day and the season. Gourmets can round off their sweet feast with a plate of mature delights from the "Cloche à fromages", for a small extra charge.

Here's a sneak preview to whet your appetite : Chickpea salad with pepper salad, Provençal roast fennel, Tuscan dip, courgette, tomato and parmesan focaccia, veal breast flavoured with spiced caramel, creamy polenta and snow peas, medallion of hake with mashed potatoes and tapenade, roast seasonal vegetables with basil veggie aioli, chocolate rose des sables, floating lemon island.

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Gourmet buffet

Starters + Creative dish of the day to choose from + Desserts

Express coffee

Creative dish of the day + Gourmet coffee

L'EXPRESS cheese

Creative dish of the day + Gourmet cheese

EXCEPT Sunday lunchtime

Make way for BrunchTime!

Baba au rhum Creme the des 13 desserts Seminaire PE2024 4
Shoulder lamb tagine Seminaire PE2024 3


to eat alone or not!

Delightful little starters

Creative dish of the day to choose from

Mature cheeses (2 glasses of wine included)

Delightful sweet treats

Gourmet menu

Delightful little starters + Creative dish of the day to choose from Delightful sweet treats

Raclette menus

From the Jura

Morbier PDO

Ewe's milk

Mont d'or PDO

Discovery and gourmet platters

Le Rabelais : 7 cheese families, from mild to full-bodied

L'Audacieux : Cheeses with naughty, unforgettable flavours 

L'Amalthée :Selection of the best goats and ewes according to season 

The Mystic : Cheeses from farms, chalets and abbeys

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Our cheese menu

Sweet Potato
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