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the "A l'Epicerie" menu

The "A l'Epicerie" individual meal card, with the exception of the Chantill restauranty, is renewed season after season. There are 4 changes per year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This map includes timeless, comforting dishes such as the 'A l'Epicerie' burger, Caesar salad, fish and chips with home fries, beef steak with home fries, and French ravioli with Comté cheese served with a variety of seasonal sauces, each more delicious than the last.

Plus, the "A l'Epicerie" individual meal card offer creative homemade seasonal dishessome with a touch of cheese and others 100% vegetarian:

stuffed courgette, 3-cheese tart, hake steak, pheasant supreme, poultry supreme, goat's cheese panna cotta, toasted home-made brioche, 3-cheese platter, heart of Neufchâtel, chocolate steak, croustillant ...

Add to that the cheese menu of the 11 largest cheese cloches in the worldThese can be found in our restaurants in Chantilly, St Germain en Laye, Saulx-les-Chartreux, Grenoble, Rouen (from May 2024), Maintenon, Chartres, Port-en-Bessin (from May 2024), Villefranche-sur-Saône (summer 2024), Nice and Nîmes (from 2025).

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Our timeless products

Caesar salad

Breaded chicken, egg, parmesan cream with Menton lemon

Butcher's piece

Home fries, tartar sauce or honey mustard Rosemary

fish & chips

Home fries with tartar sauce

French ravioli with comté cheese

with a delicious seasonal sauce of your choice

Walnut pesto
Organic dried tomatoes
Morel cream Côtes de Provence
Black truffle olive oil
Parmesan and Menton lemon cream
Black Truffle Aubergine Caviar

Butcher's cut Dill tartar sauce Home fries 3
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Our cheeses

Boards to share

Cheese, Charcuterie or Mixed


From the Jura

Morbier PDO

Ewe's milk

Mont d'or PDO


Le Rabelais : 7 cheese families, from mild to full-bodied

L'Audacieux : Cheeses with naughty, unforgettable flavours 

L'Amalthée :Selection of the best goats and ewes according to season 

The Mystic : Cheeses from farms, chalets and abbeys

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Our XXL cheese cloches

To travel

through the French terroir

For cheese lovers keen to discover new culinary experiences, our master cheesemakers will guide you through the discovery of cheese culture, terroirs, herds and seasons, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. You can enjoy themed platters, the emblematic raclette "A l'Epicerie" in several versions served in a traditional oven, as well as other specialities. All our cheeses are selected by our master cheesemaker, a member of the Collège Culinaire de France, and matured in our unique cheese cloches to reach full maturity and develop all their flavour qualities.

Sweet Potato
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