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Foodtime by Aix et Terra


Local cuisine

Our menu mixes traditional French dishes with regional and seasonal recipes.

Origin of products

Maison Tourrette opens the doors of its maturing cellar where its treasures are patiently brought to their optimum tasting, for our shops and restaurants "A L'EPICERIE" (with/without XXL cheese cover).

Condiments, sauces, jams ...

La Manufacture Aix et Terra rigorously selects regional, natural and preferably organic raw materials in Grande Provence to offer refined delicatessen products created and manufactured on their premises.

Both are artisans and members of the Collège Culinaire de France!

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Our specialities

Vercors blue cheese crumble

Fig confit with balsamic vinegar, caramelised apples and smoked duck breast

Guinea fowl supreme

Honey and rosemary mustard, cabbage and pomegranate, truffle honey and thyme tuile

PLATEAU Le Rabelais - L'Essentiel

7 families of cheeses, from the mildest to the strongest

Saint Honoré

With chocolate cream Marron glacé

COMPIEGNE Mackerel Fillet in Escabeche with organic pepper and herb salads and olive oil with organic lemon 3

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